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Flights through FRA (and just a bit on Manchester Beer & Cider Fest)
Posted by Barry on 2017-01-27 06:06:42
They must be defying the laws of economics, as they are probably the most profitable airline on the planet.  In fact, Ryanair is far from a cheap airline in many cases. Try booking flights the day before or on touristy routes, such as the Canaries or Southern Spain. It's all down to algorithms and I'm sure that you know more about these things than me!

Ryanair know their operating costs precisely for ever flight, every time, and are able to vary prices according to hourly demand. You can't make it try it yourself if you've got time - just try inputting the same request over a period of time and watch the price move up and down.

There's no magic in it, it's just what street traders have done since they started trading in tthe street, albeit using modern technology. But the product has to be right, otherwise there would be no repeat custom. This is capitalism at its most efficient. Ryanair only look cheap because the competition is so darned poor!
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