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Flights to NUE
Posted by Barry on 2017-02-02 14:18:32
Quite right, Andy, safety based on statistics is tricky. However, the quantity of air miles flown by Ryanair must have some significance in the matter. Also, they have one of the most modern fleets in the world and, in general, European maintenance and operational standards are among the best. The Valencia incident seems to always the example of mal practice quoted but both Irish and Spanish official investigators cleared the airline. I'm sure that, if a trawl of all airline operators was made, many incidents could be found.

As I said , you pays yyour money and makes your choice. From my years in aviation business, I recall that BMI were thought to be fairly dodgy, specially in their early years.
                                   Flights to NUE by Nick B. on  2017-02-03 01:28:32
                                     Flights to NUE by Barry on  2017-02-03 10:59:15
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