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OT: Augustiner Brau Salzburg
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-01-24 02:54:43
Yes, MBCF, plus as many pub visits as possible, doing my part to support the trade. Got lucky with the weather, as well as the beer. I shall attempt to tally up all the pubs I called in at, as well as the number of halves (and, yes, even pints) I drank.

Austria's implementing a Bavarian-esque Rauchverbot come 2018, IIRC, hence the question. I have been to Kneipen (using the German term, because that's what they are, not the same as "pubs" or even "taverns" to me) outside Bavaria and in Holland with seperate smoking rooms that have worked well. Better than it did with the crappy pre-2010 situation here, at least. But it is "unfair" to those places that can't accomodate a seperate room.
         OT: Augustiner Brau Salzburg  by Jason on  2017-01-24 04:31:25
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