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OT: Beers of Europe
Posted by Barry Roy Taylor on 2020-05-15 11:51:49
I've now had 3 orders, with slightly mixed results. First and most important, all the beers have been very good - that means their condition because, for me, most Belgian beers are great anyway. The only 2 I wasn't really keen on were the 2 guezes, the Morte Subite, well it is a mass produced cheapie but the Boon oude Gueze was disappointing, quite a strange taste IMHO. Otherwise, mainly Trappists, which I love - probably my favourite beers (sorry Juergen und alles). As for B of E, delivery times were ok, 3 to 4 days, & the first order was perfect. But the second went a bit astray! First up, I got a phone call from B of E to say that the carrier got my order mixed up with another one (I am bit sceptical) but they would exchange. Well the correct one arrived but the carrier just left it on my doorstep and didn't pick up the wrong one! I could have had both but, being 'honest John', I told B of E and the carrier collected the wrong one. Now third order: when I opened the box, I found that there was no Abbaye des Rocs but 3 Rochefort 8s instead! Not a bad swap as it's one of my favourites and actually more expensive - as they pointed out! So, I'd say about 6 out of 10. I've now tried the St Bernardus 6, 8 and 12. The 12 is a really class act - Imho one of the best ales I've tasted and the other 2 aren't 2 shabby either. More tonight!
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