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OT: Prague questions
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2020-02-21 06:36:28
You can pick up the ALX from Munich/Regensburg in Schwandorf, in the Oberpfalz.  I'm normally travelling to Prague from Eschawo, so nip on the Oberpfalzbahn and pick it up there.  The most I've paid for the four-hour journey is €12 (slight reduction because of advanced years)! 

The last couple of times, I've been staying in Ebensfeld and had a monthly 9-uhr mobicard.  I used it to get to Amberg - last VGN station - and just bought a ticket for the Amberg - Schwandorf leg (€7,40).  So, a total of less than €20!  Trains go every 2 hours from Schwandorf e.g. 12,52 arrives Prague at 16,17.  You must buy your ticket from CZ Rail (next week available for £12).  It's a really slow, but incredibly relaxed journey, buffet service in old-fashioned compartment type carriages (they were renovated in Weiden, some years ago). 

I see that the DB bus from NUE to Prague takes about three and a half hours and costs between €14,90 and €33 using DB - booking via CZ it costs about the same, so it's going to cheaper and quicker than the old ALX - but the ALX is a bit of fun and I much prefer trains to buses - you pays your money and takes your choice!  Just an idea for the adventurous or foolhardy!

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