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OT: End of Franken, on to Prague!
Posted by barry on 2018-05-07 08:15:56
After a great three weeks in Franken (what else?), it was on to Prague.  Sorry if this is a bit OT but contributions to the forum have been a bit sparse recently and the progression from Franken to Czechia seems to have become fairly regular for forumites recently, so please forgive this intrusion and move on if you're not interested in Czech beer!

I chose to forgo the pleasure of a coach trip from Nurnberg (the direct rail line was under repair) and went via Cheb - €14!  Saturday, made first visit to U Tunelu, which I think is great (thanks for encouraging me, Jason).  Very unspoiled, lovely Konrad beer, unhurried atmosphere, very friendly.  In complete contrast, met Aaron and Liz, Don's friends, in Zly Casy.  Lovely people and a nice night but it's not really my kind of place.  Beer and service is ok but its a bit pricey and sort of trendy.  Sunday was walkabout in Stromovska park: where I witnessed a bit of folk dancing (!).  There is a pub/restaurant (Valcha) serving Urquell near the entrance.  Called into Cafe Lajka, pleasant cafe/bar with a variety of beer.  I had Pazdrat 11 from Pivovar Chric - quite nice.  Later, met Aaron and Liz in Pivovarsky Klub; wide range of beer but just not my kind of place, too restrauranty!

The weekend weather was fabulous, so went for a walk around Vinohrady, then first visit to Napalme's new location.  Initially looks a bit uninviting but is ok.  Lots of new beers but stuck to excelent Uneticke 10 and 12.  Then back to U Tunelu before finishing with a Matuska Apollo Galaxy at 5,3% in my 'home' bar - too citrusy and strong for me!  Tuesday was culture day. Visited Museum of Technology (v. interesting, I want a 1931 Aero 10 hp sport!) before Pivonice Klasterni near Namesti Lasterni.  Tried a Chotobr Svetly Lezak 11, which was fine, before moving onto Klaterni svelty 11, which was good.  This comes from the Strahov Monastery brewery.  Big tip: drink it in the pub at Kro 26/0,5l, rather than the brewery tap at Kro 76/0,4l!  I love Pivonice Klasterni, my kind of place, bit like a Prague version of Neder!

More culture and walking on Wednesday, with a visit to Brevnovsky Klasterni Pivovarsky.  It takes a bit of finding but its a lovely place; the beer is excellent and very reasonably priced.  Later, an Urquell in the excellent Hrocha before back to Pivovar Klasterni.  Final day, visited Pivovar Nalervarna: another lovely place, with really nice beers from Hostomice, including Fabian 10 and 12, which are excellent well-balanced beers at a very good price for the location.  Then walked across Letna park to Hradcanska (hard slog up the steps), where Trutnova 12 was tried: quite nice but rather gassy, before moving on to Bubencsky.  Beers still contract brewed, the Lezak 11, unfiltered was pretty bitter and interesting but wasn't keen on the 'Ale 11,5' - just a modern US-style, very citrussy.  In the evening, a farewll visit to Napalme.

Sorry for the long splurge but I am really beginning to warm to Prague, now that I know my way about better.
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