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Hallerndorf Breweries and Keller
Posted by Jason on 2017-07-25 14:11:22
Hi David,

Firstly October will be a little lucky for you to get many keller visits in. Sure, a warm early Autumn could prompt some to open longer but it is unlikley. On the Kreuzberg (the hill which is shared by 3 breweries on top and unofficially Roppelt's at the bottom). The lieberth keller will be closed. Brauhaus am Kreuzberg is open year round. Hallerndorf keller is open Sundays and holidays only after the end of September. Roppelt's Keller will be open if the weather is good (but be sure to google to opening times yourself).

In the village, the Lieberth Dorfkeller will be shut from end of September. The two brewery pubs (Rittmayer and lieberth) will have their opening hours advertised online. In terms of beer quality I certainly think it's worth visiting and I wouldn't really worry too much about all our opinions - some like this, some like that etc etc. If the weather is good and you don't over analyse your beer i.e. constantly bang on about DMS and Daicytel (another new one I've been hearing is 'dusty') then I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. 

I wouldn't recommend staying in the Hallerndorf though. If the weather is poor you may find your options limited. Of course you could stay in Brauerei Krauss in Hirschaid where the accommodation ticks all the boxes and is cheap, plus there are good connections to Hallerndorf I believe. I would recommend staying in Forchheim though (if Bamberg is not on your radar). You have 4 breweries with taps and if the weather is bad you will have plenty to entertain yourself with plus a short train and bus journey will land you in Hallerndorf without much trouble. 
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