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Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-05-01 14:00:43
The Brauhaus am Kreuzberg uses malt friom Weyermann, but they use their own receipt. So both Schlotfegerla-beers taste different.

Weyermann has a registered trademark "Schlotfegerla"".
It is allowed to use receipts of Weyermann (they publish most of their receipts en d├ętail with hops, temparatures, malts). But it is not allowed to use the trademark Schlotfegerla.
                 Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Barry on  2017-05-02 00:55:29
                   Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2017-05-02 02:45:43
                     Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Barry on  2017-05-02 06:21:07
                       Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-02 06:30:06
                     Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-02 06:38:08
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