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Brauerei Closure Dates
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-04-07 20:41:51

My apologies if I came off a bit flippant in  trying sorting ouallll of the top recommended breweries,  bus days running(917//927 don't run weekends), village transportation and good beers at each brewery.   Bit overwhelming but this blog let me ask multiple questions so I'm starting to develop a plan.

It was never my intention to do 270 breweries(closure dates) just the top one's from the experts like you who regularly post and visit a select number of the breweries.  Parsing all the blog posts to get the best recommendations was my goal then organizing it in simpler format so I could try to plan routes on different days.  Sunday-Wed brewery hoping is NOT recommended by me....I now get it!

Bamberg is fairly simple for me to identify on blog the best 7-8 brauerei's.   Scherlenkerla, Fassla, Spezial, Keesman(sat till 3pm,not sun), Mahr's, Greifenklau, Cafe Abseits seem easy to find and do almost any day.  Been to most of these.

However, Wagner, Hummel, Witzgall, Goeller, Lowenbrau, Zehender, Dorfleins(Eichorn) have Mon, Tue or Thur closure dates.  Neither Mon or Tues trip to Merkendorf will get both Hummel & Wagner.    Something I learned after getting best recommendations and then cross checking bus and open dates.   Lots of work!

So thank you for the suggestions and I'm getting a solid feel for the village names, brewery names, buses (Numbers, villages), VGN options and beers etc.  It is my goal become as knowledgeable about the region, breweries, beers, culture as all the posters someday, as I know you also like the bicycle trip between towns(another great idea).

SO thanks again.  Eating The Onion, drink Rauchbier and rauchbiershcnaps is something I could only find by watching all the unique posts on this blog.  I appreciate the suggestions even if it might make me have a gastronomical eruption!.

Fred has more great links on the web site that I lazily failed to review before seeking extra help.  I will go through the whole web site again 3 weeks before I leave!  Getting the fundamentals down first  think I can now start to formulate a plan.

Just watching you & Barry plan your trip to Bamberg and maybe stopping off in Forscheim on the way I checked the map and think I might swing it  also. So I'm very impressed by the options posters pick as they travel into Bamberg.

Everyday a poster recommends something new and I research it to get a better understanding of  the uiqueness of the comments.  Thus when I go to Prague, May 2, I will demand a Tankenova pils which I been to 4 different pubs in Prague serving takenova pils but never heard the name.  In Seattle, Czech Brewery opened by some native Czechs and the owners have never heard of takenova pils until I informed them!

 Hummel is shutting down its Keller confused me at first since it's the beer garden(  thought germans spelled in Biergarten?) now I know how you and others appreciate the kellers|(bier gardens) so much.

So, this blog is sensational for a newbie like me and I thank you for all the excellent ideas.

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