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Trip to Based out of Bamberg
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-03-05 10:08:27
Well, if he's not been to Forchheim before, it'd be a bit harsh to say to forget Hebendanz. Rather, focus on Neder, but still, you've got two (remaining) ancient brewery taverns right there on the market square, both brewing (usually) excellent beer. Have one at Hebendanz and then settle in at Neder.

Just because Hebendanz has gone a bit upscale in the past few years doesn't mean it should be avoided or even eschewed.

Först in Drügendorf is well worth a visit, though the opening hours are limited, and of course it's a bit off the train line, though there is limited bus service.  Since we're talking about "session" drinking, I assume we're not also talking about driving to these places, at least not without a designate driver.

The Först beer at the Vogelgässla place is excellent, but the *place* in Drügendorf is well worth it IMO.
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