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Kulmbacher Bier Woche
Posted by TomM on 2018-08-05 16:16:51
Thanks for the report. Never had an urge to go to Kulmbach, but Kronach was in my sights if I ever get back to Franken.

As far as Kulmbach's brewing status, I guess it has to do with former numbers of breweries and present day volume. The Kulmbacher Brauerei is the biggest in Franken, isn't it?
     Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-08-05 23:48:36
       Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-06 03:19:25
         Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Gerhard Schoolmann on  2018-08-06 04:10:06
           Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-06 04:46:39
             Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Carl on  2018-08-06 06:55:33
               Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-06 08:52:27
                 Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Nick Cowley on  2018-08-07 01:59:02
                   Kulmbacher Bier Woche by barry on  2018-08-07 04:24:42
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