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Real ungespundetes kellerbier
Posted by barry on 2018-08-06 05:01:56
You're correct, that is the (apparent) difference and the reason why I described the Zoigl process so minutely in my comment!

The question of yeast and its availability is an interesting point.  When I first started looking into German brewing, I asked whether German brewers carefully preserved their yeast from brew to brew (in the UK, individual brewer's yeast is highly prized, with brewers considering it part of the DNA of their beer).  Of course, I was met with blank looks and then I found (I think this is correct, I'm no expert) that the lagering process essentialy 'eats' up all the available fermentable matter, thus leaving next to nothing  to brew the next batch.  I don't know the process of producing a new batch of yeast but it was explained to me that the reason that house brewers (and Kommunbrauhausen) use yeast from a commercial brewery (i.e. Wuerth in Eschawo) is that you need equipment (expensive?) to produce a fresh batch.

Perhaps this is the reason that 'hausbraeubier' brewers (I suppose that they are really 'part-fermenters'!) take part-fermented beer from the brewery, as not everyone would have a commerical brewer as accommodating as Wuerth to hand.

All part of difference between German brewing and UK that makes it all so fascinating.

Incidentally, if you happen to be interested, I've posted some details and photo's of my visit last weekend to Sheffield on Facebook - don't want to raise the blood pressure of my friends on the Franconian Beer Forum! 
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