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OT: Visit to Czechia Conclusion!
Posted by barry on 2017-10-13 06:54:51
Didn't mean to stir up such a hornet's nest when talking about PU.  Or maybe I did!

It's obvious from this Forum that some people love it and some people are indifferent to it - you pays your money and you takes your choice.  For me, I don't claim to be a real analyst of the beers that I drink, I tend to like them or not or, sometimes, to be indifferent to them.  I'm also really affected by the atmosphere of the place in which I'm drinking and location is something that divides people almost as much as beer quality.  

My friend Andy, whose opinion on the quality of beer (and it's making) is one that I really respect, has quite different views from me on the places he likes to drink and that's fine.  Whilst we were together, we agreed to differ and even to go out separately on occasion but we found a lot of ground for mutual beer appreciation.  It is obviously correct that our appreciation of the taste of beer will depend on loads of factors: what we recently have to eat, whether we are eating and drinking at the same time, whether the pub smells (of ffod, smoke or anything else), whether, even, if we are outdoor or indoor and, a point that really occured to me after watching that little clip on dispensing PU, how the beer is dispensed (hate the use of word 'pour') .  So, my sampling of PU, for example, was going to be influenced by all these factors, except the eating one because, normally, I don't like to eat and drink beer at the same time.

As I said, I enjoyed the PU in Hrocha but I can't remember whether it was particularly sensational, it just seemed nice, partially becaused I liked the place - even with the Japanese or Chinese couple dissecting some meat dish next to me!  But, then, I am a very tolerant person!

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