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Too much tourism
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-08-17 03:19:40
Agreed. Our first visit here was all about the breweries and the beer, in 2003. But sometime after we moved here, I began finding myself thinking that the city of Bamberg is a more beautiful city than its beer is good. IOW, the beer became secondary.

Well, we were also wowed by the city itself on our first visit. But we were also wowed by the beer.

Nowadays, I basically only come to Bamberg to visit others there, or if there's something interesting and/or new at Café Abseits. It's weird, after years of complaining about how miserable Erlangen is compared to Bamberg, I actually prefer to drink in Erlangen now. (Not Steinbach, mind!) Decently drinkable beer at different places, without the fuss.
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