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Just two updates
Posted by Jeff Romain on 2017-03-03 06:08:04
His ambition is very admirable, and it seems he has cultivated quite the local following. Many of us have our dreams (certainly myself of owning a lagercentric brewery someday here in the US, employing traditional methods--how else am I to justify all these excursions to Franconia??), but how many of these actually materialize? Good on him.

We know that many Franconian breweries include at least a small portion of Spalter Select in their brews, but I selfishly wish more would exclusively-hop with this lovely cultivar and showcase its elegant dynamism when elevating the hop rates. German hops are the finest in the world, IMHO, and if there's one type that asks to be pushed outside of most people's comfort zones, it's the entire family of nobles (not that they always need to be pushed to the max, as they can be just as delightful when used judiciously, but just saying). But I digress. You've done a fine job selling us, or certainly me, on this place, and with Spalter Select being my favorite hop for Franconia lager, I must prioritize getting out there!  Thanks. 
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