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Too much tourism
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-08-16 12:25:15
"Is Bamberg really worth visiting for it's breweries?"

As a first time visitor, I'd say yes but for repeat visitors like many of us I'd have to say no.  Even though I normall base in Bamberg how much time do I really spend in the breweries there?  The answer is not much.  I'll typically visit Schlenkerla late morning or midday before it gets crowded.  This will happen usually once or twice per visit.  Faessla once or twice for a beer or two in the Schwemme because it's the most user friendly Schwemme in the city to get a beer.  Maybe Spezial if I can catch it when it's not too crowded.  I haven't bothered with Wunderburg the last couple of visits.  Same for Klosterbrau.  I like Greifenklau and may get there once (if at all) on a visit.  

That's it.  Most of the time spent in breweries is spent outside the city for me these days.  So why stay there?  Well I like it as a base to get to a lot of places.  I like many of the other pubs around the city (Stohrenkeller, Pizzini, Rotenschild when they've got a barrel on, Galerie Am Stephenspburg, etc.).  A typical day is visiting countryside places then stopping in one of these pubs after hours for a night cap or three or five (depending on the mood).  I generally don't go early to bed on these trips ... yet.  So a smaller much quieter place like Ebensfeld doesn't quite suite me ... yet.  Although they are becoming more appealing.  I really liked staying in Sesslach that one night and would like to do it again.

So no, for me, it's not worth staying there just for the breweries.  On my first visit or two definitely yes.  But not now.  Although I love Frueschoppen in Schlenkerla!

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